Knutsford Heritage Open Days:

7 – 10 September 2017

“History is stories. All our stories.”

Knutsford Heritage Open Days is a large and diverse festival of heritage and culture, an annual event when we reveal hidden gems and historic sites, and tell the stories of those who have played a part in our history. It’s a multi-event, multi-site town-wide celebration.

Much of this year’s programme relates to Alan Turing, the mathematician, codebreaker and genius whose trial took place in Knutsford 65 years ago. From a fresh interpretation of Regina v Turing and Murray to the ‘Salon’ and from The Imitation Game to coding workshops, we hope to reflect something of Turing’s extraordinary legacy.

We’re grateful to the many experts, institutions and special guests who have so generously shared their knowledge and time, and to our sponsors and supporters who have enabled us to put on this festival.


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