hardingwattMaking his stage debut as part of the Knutsford Promenades is local architect Andrew Green of Blue Barnacles Ltd.

He is taking on the role of Richard Harding-Watt, the man responsible for creating the town’s unique style.

“I am delighted to be taking part in the Knutsford Promenades and hope my role as Richard Harding-Watt does justice to the man whose eclectic style put the town at the forefront of architectural statement internationally and created an amazing skyline,” said Andrew.

“As an architect, to have a successful building or project you need a receptive client who understands value, design and materials – Richard Harding-Watt was exactly that.”

Harding-Watt’s town centre buildings include the King’s Coffee House (Belle Epoque) and Gaskell Memorial Tower on King Street, and the Ruskin Chambers on Drury Lane.

Blue Barnacles architects is just one local business who has got involved in the Knutsford Promenades,” said key Promenader Sarah Flannery.

“Although the Knutsford Promenades are taking place on King Street, we want to encourage businesses on Princess Street, in Canute Square, and on Minshull Street etc to join in.”

The event takes place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July from 2 til 4pm when King Street will be closed to traffic and transformed into a giant stage.

More than 100 young people and adults will be involved in bringing the open air promenades to life recreating Knutsford’s history through dance, theatre, music, and art.

“Traders could bring their wares out of their shops and be hawkers for the afternoons; they could dress up in outfits from the year they first opened in Knutsford, and dress their windows in celebration of the Promenades.

Knutsford Bloom plans to wheel a wheelbarrow full of flowers down King Street, and we’re hoping to arrange a battle of the traders’ cries between top street and bottom street,” said Sarah.

Businesses are invited to attend a special open evening at the Knutsford Heritage Centre on Wednesday 12 June from 6.30pm to discuss their ideas for taking part.

Please let project director Robert Meadows know if you can come along to the open evening by emailing promenades@knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk or phoning him on 07733295435 or 01606 551453.

Photo courtesy of the Knutsford Guardian