Brook Street Chapel join in Canute's Crossing

Brook Street Chapel join in Canute’s Crossing

SOME years ago I worked in Knutsford and knew about but rarely visited certain sites and buildings within the town area.

On the recent Heritage Weekend I visited several places, generously allowed by owners and organised by Knutsford Promenades.

I should like to thank the owners of Knutsford Marble Arch, Old Knutsford Laundry, the ladies of Brook Street Chapel and the Methodist Church and particularly the young lady at the town council offices (whose lunch hour I spoiled) for their attention and willingness to answer mine and others’ questions.

Since then I have visited the old crown court building, which is most impressive.

A gentleman from their development company patiently took a stream of questions. In the same building the Rolls Royce owners club had put together a most informative set of display boards. Tabley House next!

Denis Cain Northwich

Letter to the Knutsford Guardian