Bruntwood workers get in the Promenades spirit

KG bruntwood 2PEOPLE who work at Bruntwood’s Booths Park were invited to join a workshop based around two of the seven stories which will form the Knutsford Promenades 2015.

Bruntwood is one of the sponsors of KP2015 and organised the workshop to spread the word about the Promenades and the opportunities available for taking part.

Experienced creative arts consultant Robert Meadows, the project manager for the Promenades, will lead a second workshop at St John’s Church on Sunday, March 29 from 3pm to 4.30pm.

“As part of our plans for this year’s Promenades we’re creating opportunities for people to participate either as performers, extras, or Promenaders in the pageant,” said Sarah Flannery, Promenades founder and co-project manager.

“It’s a fantastic chance for amateurs to be involved with professionals and semi professionals in what promises to be bar far the biggest event so far.

“People shouldn’t be worried about coming forward, the workshop will be fun and there genuinely is something for everyone whether it’s taking on a speaking part or simply helping with props.

“Street theatre is all about enjoying yourself – no matter how young or old you are. We’re hoping for another good turnout on Sunday so please join us and find out more!”

KG bruntwood 1The team behind the Promenades has spent the previous two years building up the momentum for 2015 in order to establish the Promenades as a key arts and cultural event to benefit the town on many levels.

This year’s theme ‘Texts from the Front’ is using the memories of Knutsford people who have direct experience of conflict – and reconciliation – through involvement in the Armed Forces or through serving as a peace keeper abroad.

These memories have been combined with local myths and historical research and will be performed through a variety of forms, including music, song, dance, and large scale puppetry.

For further information check out the website

If you can’t make it but are still interested in taking part, contact Robert Meadows by email or phone 07733295435.

From Knutsford Guardian