Why ‘treasure’ Sir Henry Royce?

Helping to spread the word about Knutsford’s treasures, Sarah Flannery shared the reason why she chose Sir Henry Royce and was featured at the National Launch of Heritage Open Days 2016.


Treasure your Treasures on video!

Trees and amazing buildings of Drury Lane - just one Knutsford treasure
Trees and amazing buildings of Drury Lane – just one Knutsford treasure

Help spread the word about Knutsford’s treasures by being featured at the National Launch of Heritage Open Days 2016!

As part of the national launch of Heritage Open Days 2016, the organisers want to feature people talking about their personal treasures on camera.

And we think this is a great opportunity for Knutsfordians to share their Knutsford treasures with heritage organisations across the country.

The Knutsford Promenades team is delighted to have been invited to represent Knutsford at the national launch and we are looking forward to spreading the word about our wonderful town and the wealth of heritage on offer to residents and visitors.

Treasures might be an object, or a place that is special to you. It might be a person, a community or even a skill.

To take part, just film a short video clip of yourself with your chosen treasure, answering the following questions:

What is your name and where are you from?
What is the thing you most treasure and why?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any camera experience – all you need is access to a smart phone.

Make sure your head is in the frame and you are talking directly to the camera. It may be easier to ask a friend to film you or to stabilise your mobile on a table or a tripod.

Include the question in your answer ‘My name is….. and I am from…..’ and ‘The thing I most treasure is….’

Don’t forget to include your treasure in the video – it could be a picture of your local community, an object that represents what your treasure is, or you could film yourself in front of it.

Once you are happy with your clip, please email it to with the subject header Treasure VLOG by Friday June 19. Don’t forget to copy us in the email by cc-ing to so we can feature your videos on our website.


Proms organisers want your ‘Lily Selfies’ ahead of September event

Nancy TymsINTEREST in Canute’s Crossing is sweeping the town as Knutsfordians start to record their own crossing of the River Lily to mark 1,000 years of Knutsford history.

Artist Russell Kirk kicked off the Canute’s Crossing fun with a hugely successful workshop at the Knutsford Lions Street Fair when children created their own Viking-style shields before crossing the Lily and taking selfies.

Canute’s Crossing is one of more than 20 events taking place as part of Knutsford’s first town-wide participation in the annual Heritage Open Days (HODs) festival from 8 to 11 September.

“We’re still adding new heritage sites,” said Sarah Flannery of the Knutsford Promenades Community Association, which is running the event.

“This whole project has really excited the imagination of residents and businesses across and beyond the town, especially as our offering is so broad.”

“We’re presenting 1,000 years of heritage from Canute to the present day via Elizabeth Gaskell, Henry Royce, Richard Harding Watt, Baillie Scott and the sites and culture that make Knutsford a truly historic town.”

A special leather bound Legacy Book has been created to record the names of everyone who takes part in Canute’s Crossing during 2016.

Although the main Canute’s Crossing will be held on Saturday 10 September from 2 to 4.30pm, when the Chester Vikings will be joining townsfolk and visitors to celebrate Canute by crossing the Lily and going on to The Moor to represent Knutsford 1016 to 2016, people are being encouraged to make their own ‘crossing’ in advance of the main event.

Between now and September 10 the Knutsford Guardian will be featuring photos of people crossing the River Lily.

Rachel Howarth, Guardian reporter, said: “We would love to see everyone’s ‘Lily Selfies’.

“It’s a great way for everyone to take part in this fantastic event and share the heritage of the town.”

Send your selfies, along with your name, date and time of your ‘crossing’ to add to the Legacy Book, to and help us create our Canute’s Crossing gallery.

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