Say it with Sunflowers to celebrate Turing’s legacy

Knutsford is gearing up for the annual Floral Walk displays to coincide with RHS Tatton which takes place from July 19 to 23.

And as part of the displays, residents and retailers alike are being asked to incorporate Sunflowers in their displays to tie-in with the upcoming Knutsford Heritage Open Days festival in September.

‘Turing and Technology’ is a key theme of this year’s KHODS, which will include many events linked with Turing’s trial in Knutsford and his legacy.

One of Turing’s less well-known contributions to science was morphogenesis and that the Fibonacci number series occurred in the petals and seedheads of sunflowers. This was proved by a global citizen research project called ‘Turing’s Sunflowers’ and the results were published only last year, decades
after Turing’s death.

Sarah Flannery, the founder of Knutsford Promenades, the team behind Knutsford Heritage Open Days, said: “It would be very fitting – and look wonderful – if the retailers included sunflowers as part of their display in some way.

“If they don’t want to put real sunflowers in their display, they could easily put imitation sunflowers separately somewhere in their window (and keep these in place up until KHODS in September) and for those that aren’t going to have any floral display, this would be a very inclusive option.

“It would be lovely to see the town become a sea of yellow as a way of welcoming visitors to the town and creating a lovely talking point over the summer months in the run-up to Knutsford Heritage Open Days.”