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Paul Brougham runs The Enigma Hut, a specialist Enigma reproduction company that supplies WW2 historians, collectors; cypher enthusiasts; museums and Higher Education with high-quality replica Enigma machines for display and demonstration.

His painstaking research and hand-made production processes have achieved truly unique replicas that can educate, replicate and fascinate in equal measures.

Paul will be demonstrating one of his beautifully made machines at this event, which will give visitors the opportunity to understand and appreciate the intricacies of the Enigma and why it was considered unbreakable – until Alan Turing cracked the code and changed the course of WW2 for the Allies.

This event will take place in The Courthouse Hotel, the site of Alan Turing’s trial in 1952.

© Enigma Hut - Enigma Hut

Opening Times

  • Friday 8 September: 11:00-14:00

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