Press Release

Knutsford Heritage Open Days will return in September 2017 bringing more exciting and interesting events to open up the town’s amazing buildings to Knutsfordians and visitors alike.

“We are are so excited to be working on another town-wide programme of events and sites for Knutsford Heritage Open Days,” said Sarah Flannery of the Knutsford Promenades Community Association.

“The collaboration between the Association and Heritage Open Days was a big success in 2016 and we are already working on strengthening this partnership in 2017.”

Although the programme still being finalised, the organisers have announced that the 65th anniversary of Alan Turing’s trial in Knutsford will feature thanks to the Courthouse Hotel.

“We will be including events connected with Turing, his Cheshire links and his remarkable contribution to mathematics and computer science,” said Sarah.

“We have some terrific collaborations in place and hope that KHODs 2017 will attract significant interest and visitors from across the country.

Knutsford Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner, said: “It is fantastic to see the town-wide Heritage Open Days returning for 2017; some amazing buildings were opened up last year and I look forward to seeing what we can visit this year.

“The plans reflecting on the anniversary of Turing’s trial are incredibly interesting and I look forward to finding out more about what is planned.”

Anyone interested in supporting four-day festival which brought some 4,000 visitors to the town should email

Heritage Open Days is co-ordinated nationally by the National Trust and has been running for over 20 years. It is England’s contribution to European Heritage Days which takes place across 50 countries on the same September weekend every year.