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Brook Street Chapel, Adams Hill, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8DY

Mathematicians and academic statisticians are now vital to money markets, trading, economic forecasting and investment. In fact, advanced computerisation and algorithms have been changing the world of finance and investment since the 1970s.

This absorbing presentation by Tilney, a financial planning and investment company with a heritage of more than 180 years, will be a fascinating insight into money markets and the unexpected ways in which the legacy of Alan Turing, as the father of theoretical computer science, has transformed how money works for us all.

The venue is Brook Street Chapel, a Grade I heritage site and the presenters are Martin Hack, Tom Hunt and Marcel Porcheron from Tilney.

Opening Times

  • Thursday 7 September: Talk 1600-1700

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A lift in the chapel hall goes from ground level to the first floor exhibition. A level path leads to the chapel. Cars can park outside Adams Hill entrance so that disabled passengers can alight.