The Courthouse Hotel, Toft Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0PB

Robert ‘Judge’ Rinder is the star of the popular TV shows ‘Judge Rinder’ and ‘Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories’. He is the author of ‘Rinder’s Rules: Make the Law Work for You’ but is perhaps best known for being a celebrity contestant on Strictly Come Dancing 2016, where his hugely entertaining appearances won him a legion of fans.

He read Modern History and Politics at The University of Manchester (where he first met his long-time friend Benedict Cumberbatch) before pursuing a legal career. He specialised in financial crime and worked on some high-profile cases but now is best known for his TV work and appearances.

Interestingly, Alan Turing also worked at The University of Manchester and Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed the genius in the film ‘The Imitation Game’.

This is a one-off opportunity to listen to Robert read aloud from the Quarter Sessions records of the 1952 case Regina v Turing and Murray, in the actual courtroom where the trial took place.

Opening Times

  • Friday 8 September: 17:45-18:00

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