© Supplied by R Carrington & G Stockdale - Penny cartoonCourtyard Coffee House & Penny Farthing Museum, Rear of 92, King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6ED

Penny Farthings were originally known as ‘Ordinaries’. Glynn Stockdale is a renowned expert on the history of bicycles and the Penny Farthing in particular. ‘The Extraordinary Ordinaries’ is a unique, one-off opportunity to listen to Glynn and learn from the master about this fascinating form of transport. His talk will last for approximately 40 minutes with a Q & A session afterwards.

Amongst Glynn’s many claims to fame, he is the only Englishman to have crossed the USA on a Penny Farthing in the 20th century. He is the organiser of The Great Race which takes place in Knutsford every ten years and attracts enthusiasts from around the world.

This event will take place in the Penny Farthing Museum, the only one of its kind in the UK, established by Glynn in 1989. It houses a collection of 40 models from examples of the affectionately named early wooden ‘Hobby Horses’ as well as the now infamous ‘Boneshaker’ and the well-known ‘Starley Giant’ – the largest Penny Farthing ever made. These unique models are complemented by a fascinating collection of ‘Ordinaries’ (as Penny Farthings were originally known) containing some of the most collectible and valuable machines still in existence, including some of the rarest early wooden machines and children’s models.

Opening Times

  • Sunday 10 September: Sunday 10:00-11:00

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The Penny Farthing Museum is housed in the Courtyard Coffee House which is tucked away behind 92 King Street. Access from King Street is via a passageway but the Museum can also be reached via Heritage Way off Tatton Street.