Knutsford Promenades

News and photos about the fourth Knutsford Promenades

Friends of The Moor campaign for new River Lily crossing

A KNUTSFORD voluntary group is campaigning for a new ‘safer’ crossing across the River Lily to the Moor. Friends of The Moor, which has joined in the crossing of the Lily, is hoping to get the bridge replaced which links King Street car park to Moorside. Members of...

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Not everyone liked Richard Harding Watt!

Nikolaus Pevsner said about King Street: "It is an attractive street, though without highlights, unless one is prepared to call the Gaskell Memorial Tower and King's Coffee House of 1907-1908 a highlight." Designed by Richard Harding Watt, Pevsner calls the tower "a...

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Knutsford Heritage Open Days programme is out!

The full programme for Knutsford Heritage Open Days organised by the Knutsford Promenades Community Association is now available and being distributed across the town and Cheshire. Download your own copy to help you plan your full visit. Knutsford Heritage Open Days...

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Why ‘treasure’ Sir Henry Royce?

Helping to spread the word about Knutsford’s treasures, Sarah Flannery shared the reason why she chose Sir Henry Royce and was featured at the National Launch of Heritage Open Days 2016.

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Treasure your Treasures on video!

Help spread the word about Knutsford's treasures by being featured at the National Launch of Heritage Open Days 2016! As part of the national launch of Heritage Open Days 2016, the organisers want to feature people talking about their personal treasures on camera. And...

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