GEORGE Osborne MP, pictured with Sarah Flannery, has thrown his weight behind the Knutsford Promenades event

GEORGE Osborne MP, pictured with Sarah Flannery, has thrown his weight behind the Knutsford Promenades event

SUPPORT for this year’s Knutsford Promenade continues to grow as David Briggs, the Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire, is the latest recruit to the band of performers taking part on Saturday, July 5.

“Knutsford Promenades is a brilliant way of bringing together all the arts and heritage organisations which make Knutsford the unique place that it is,” said David.

“This year it also commemorates the 100th anniversary of World War One.

“It brings home the effect the war had on one small town – did you know that nine young men who lived on King Street lost their lives during World War One?

“I trust many people will come along to the Knutsford Promenade to learn more about the town’s history and to enjoy all that is special about the town.”

Highlights of this year’s promenade include performances from LIPA 4:19 Knutsford and SMB Dance International, and pieces performed by Geoff Holman and Tony Davies.

Musical performances will include the singer Cat Allen and Roberts Bakery Band, and the reading of World War One poetry by, amongst others, Martin Bell, UNICEF Ambassador and former war reporter, David Briggs, Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire, and Flight Lieutenant Liam McGuire, at Waterstones.

The Knutsford Promenade, which begins at 4.30pm under the Royal George archway, will be guided by Caroline Sherwin from Knutsford Heritage Centre.

Richard Clare of Clare & Illingworth, which is celebrating its 24th anniversary of trading in Knutsford said: “Last year it was great to see so many local families filling the town centre and enjoying the Promenades. Children, parents and grandparents ‘promenading’ together created a real ‘buzz.’

“This unique event keeps Knutsford in people’s minds as a destination town; a place to socialise, shop and to celebrate the vibrant history right on our doorstep.

“Knutsford is always more than a standard ‘high street’ experience and this is a great example of how that is achieved.”

Sarah Flannery, co-organiser and creator of the Knutsford Promenades, said: “It’s marvellous to see the Knutsford Promenade being embraced by so many people from the community helping to cement the event into the town’s calendar of key celebrations.

“The Promenades really showcases Knutsford as a destination on so many levels.”

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