Ruskin RoomsDrury Lane, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6HA

Richard Harding Watt (1842-1914) was a local philanthropist and idealist with a passion for building, who made his fortune from glove making in Manchester.

Drury Lane is a remarkable development in Free Style built under his patronage. The use of white-painted render, curved windows, heavy stone lintels and door surrounds, and clay pantiled roofs, provide this group with its special character.

The Ruskin Recreation Rooms were built as reading rooms and a fire station and a blue plaque on the exterior records:

“A ‘Welcome Club’ for officers of the American Third Army was opened in this building by General George S Patton Commanding Officer on 25th April 1944 prior to participation in the Liberation of Europe June 1944 to May 1945″.

Visitors will be able to walk up the original stairway and enjoy the view from a room on the top floor.

Opening Times

  • Thursday 7 September: 13:00-15:00
  • Saturday 9 September: 11:00-13:00

Booking Details

Pre-booking: Preferred
Booking opens: 4 August 2017
Booking closes: 4 September 2017


The Ruskin Rooms are currently used as commercial office premises. Visitors will need to be able to walk up a long staircase. There is no parking on site.

Additional information

Event contact over the festival: Ian Cass.