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When Alan Turing’s achievements in World War II came to light, his conviction for homosexual acts became a cause célèbre. How could the law do this to a national hero? How could men be prosecuted simply because of who they chose to love? Hosted by Wilmslow Guild and presented by historian Gill Rossini, this lecture will show how he and many other homosexuals lived and loved under the shadow of prosecution, and will examine how posthumously Turing became a figurehead for a campaign that attempted to obtain pardons for the many men labelled as criminals simply because of their sexuality.

Opening Times

  • Saturday 9 September: 13:00-15:00

Booking Details

Pre-booking: Required
Call: 01625 523903
Go to: www.wilmslowguild.org/specialistlectures
Booking opens: 1 August 2017
Booking closes: 4 September 2017